I Can't Open my CD or DVD!

I Can’t Open My CD or DVD!

DICOM Viewer

Sometimes the DICOM viewer on the CD won’t run on Windows 8.1 or later. You can download a free DICOM viewer here: www.radiantviewer.com. Then, run this program, and open the folder on the CD.


Install or update Java on your computer. Many DVDs require Java, and if you have an old version, it won’t open.

Play a DVD

Do you see a folder called VIDEO_TS? If so, this is a video which you can play on some DVD players. If you want to play it on your laptop, download RealPlayer. This is a free program to play DVDs. Then, run RealPlayer, and Open the DVD with it.


Most computers have anti-virus software. You might try to turn off the anti-virus temporarily, to see if that helps. Or, in “Settings”, make an “exception” for a particular folder on your C: drive. Then, copy the DVD to that folder and try to open it.


Your computer might not have enough free memory to run the program. Reboot your computer, then try to open the DVD, with no other applications open. Apps like Microsoft Word, Email, and Internet Explorer can use up a lot of memory.

Windows Version

Try to open the DVD on different computers. Some DVDs will open on Windows XP, but not Windows 7. Others will open on Windows 7 and not XP. So, try several different operating systems.

Auto Run

On some computers, soon after you put a DVD into the drive, the application will “Auto Run”. On other computers, it won’t. You can manually run the DVD by doing this:

  • Right-click on Start, Explore
  • Right-click on the DVD Drive (E: for example), Auto Run.

If your DVD has Audio or Video files, the problem might be a missing or old “codec”. Windows needs a current codec to play audio and video files. If you have Windows 7, you can download new codecs here. Be careful NOT to install the adware which is included in the file, above. That file came from this web site: http://www.windows7codecs.com. Otherwise, do a Google Search on something like this: Windows 8 codec install or if possible, have your I.T. Department do the install for you.